Introduction to this RPG project

Several years ago, a friend and I simultaneously got into a mood to play through Elder Scrolls beginning to end. It was kind of serendipitous, Skyrim had already been out a year or two so there wasn’t any strong reason we both got there at the same time. But in talking about it, we both also started talking about the CRPG Addict. And sooner than we realized, we were talking about playing through all RPGs together. The idea was that we both would play the RPG and then give talk about it in podcast form. I am an old kodger RPG player who prefers the older games, and he being a younger player who hadn’t played many RPGs before like 1995. We thought it would give us a nice balance that you don’t see often.

Well that never happened for a number of reasons, but the idea of playing through the RPG library has always stuck with me. I’ve made a couple minor attempts that weren’t really full fledged tries that never really panned out, but thought I’d go for another. I would say though, that I am a grown ass adult and as such, life happens and there will be periodic breaks. I’m hoping in admitting that, I won’t get disheartened when it happens and will come back wherever I left off.

So how am I going to do this thing? I am not going to go chronological. The main reason for this is that is that if I play the old games, I get tired of them after awhile and start wandering off if I try to do that. I also get hyped by new games and want to play them when they come out just like everyone else. So I want to leave myself open to play them and have them count and all that.

I will probably end up streaking a lot through franchises, but I won’t be doing that predominately. I enjoy seeing how franchises evolve while the earlier games are still fresh in my mind. But sometimes I will probably go through 3 at a time, sometimes I may do 8, and sometimes I may just do 1.

I am considering a game not played unless it is recorded in some fashion. To that end, I will be streaming my playthroughs of games on my Mixer channel which you can find at and then will be posting replays of those streams on a dedicated youtube channel. So if you miss a stream, you can always catch it on the channel. And I’ll likely be linking the videos in the review so that everything is properly cataloged.

I will also be making a second post in the next few days detailing how reviews work and how I am going to qualify what games to play.

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